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MyLifePlan and Williams & Associates – the perfect pair.

When life throws you a curb ball – what is your family’s plan?

A simple life plan can make all the difference. Let us help you prepare for your future, not just your finances. 

You’ll get clear direction as to how to organize your documents and help with what materials to save. You’ll get information and other insight to support you in your planning.


Secure Storage
You’ll have one, safe repository for all your scanned paperwork—like an electronic safety-deposit box—so no one has to wonder what or where your wishes are.


You’ll select “deputies” who can access your documents and information, and you’ll choose which deputies have access to which sections.

This is bigger than your Will, but as easy as sharing a family recipe.

Life and legacy planning takes you beyond finance and insurance to also focus on the important everyday details you need your loved ones to know.

Things like account numbers, passwords and usernames.


Information about cherished items like family photos and secret recipes.


Details not only about who gets the heirlooms, but stories of why those heirlooms matter.

This is what really matters, and this is how you organize, store and securely share it with the people who matter most.